About us

Hello there!
I am Kaori from Ruri photography and videography. Let’s talk about little bit about us 🙂

I grew up in Japan.  I am a portrait, fashion and lifestyle photographer and videographer who loves her job.
Yes definitely 👍
My style is natural and candid with natural light.
I appreciate the people I meet and having time together with. I am so happy work with you!

He is my hubby who provides technical assistance. When we create drone footage he is the pilot and using VR googles I am the photographer.

We have 8 cockatiels on our yard. We love birds 🐥 
And I am into growing vegetables !!
I have been making organic veges garden for a while. Eat flesh is really good and I feel everyday is thanks giving 😋✨

And I like linocut.
You see my linocut on this website 😁
Ruri’s logo, Gum flowers, Gum nuts Cockatoos and Cockatiels they are my art work hehe.

I love talk with people. Especially I love listening about your story. So please tell your story and I would like to capture your moment 📷✨